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Conference introduction

We are pleased to announce that the 6th World Lagomorph Conference will be held from July 6-10 2020 in Montpellier, France.

The World Lagomorph Conference, which takes place every four years, brings together researchers and experts on rabbits, hares, and pikas from all over the world. This quadriennal meeting organised on behalf of the World Lagomorph Society is a great opportunity to share and exchange information on the natural history, ecology, evolution, behaviour, physiology, genetics, morphology, diseases, management and conservation of wild lagomorphs.

This time, the conference will take place in France, at the National Institute of Higher Education in Agricultural Science SupAgro in Montpellier.


** NEWS **

** Guidelines for Registration and Payment  **

Step 1: For the payment of your registration fee please go directly to https://monintranet.univ-paris13.fr/paiement/wlc/ . After your payment (with a delay up to a few days), you will receive a confirmation mail, which will include a personal ID.

Then, you will need to login to the WLC6 website again, with the same login as for your abstract submission. If you have not submitted an abstract, you will need to create an account first (see above: “Login” -> “create account”).

Step 2: Then go to the section MY SPACE->REGISTER (left). By using your personal ID, you will be able to fill in a form with your choices on accommodation, conference T-shirt size and conference excursion. More information can be found in the sections ACCOMMODATION and EXCURSION OPTIONS (left).

Keep in mind that the registration fee is lower before the 31 March! See the section REGISTRATION FEES (left) for details.


 ** Last-minute submission of poster abstracts is still possible!  **

--   Submission by email to lagomorph(at)leec.univ-paris13.fr   --




September 2019    Opening of portal for submission of conference contributions (oral and poster presentations)
07 February 2020    Extended deadline for abstract submission
08 February 2020    Start of early registration & online payment of registration fee
early March 2020    Information on acceptance of conference contributions
31 March 2020    Early registration ends (lower registration fee, will be annonced soon)
1st June 2020    Late registration ends
6-10 July 2020    6th World Lagomorph Conference

We look forward to welcoming you in Montpellier, in the beautiful south of France !


About the WLC6 logo

  Silhouette de Gabillou   The WLC6 logo represents the only confirmed prehistoric cave drawing of a leporidae. It was found in the cave of Gabillou near Mussidan (Dordogne, France), less than 500 km away from Montpellier. It may have been drawn between 17 000 and 12 000 years BP. This 6th World Lagomorph Conference goes back to the origins of Lagomorph science !   

Gaussen J. 1964 – La grotte ornée de Gabillou (Près Mussidan, Dordogne). Publications de l’Institut de Préhistoire de l’Université de Bordeaux. Bordeaux : Imprimerie Delmas. 68 p., 69 pl. hors-texte.

See also this reference.

We are grateful to the owner of the cave for her permission to use this drawing.



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